Kristopher Cannon is a highly experienced aviation security consultant, accomplished speaker, presenter, and corporate pilot. In his capacity as the Founder and President of Aviation Secure Inc., Kris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry, establishing himself as a leading authority in specialized training for aviation personnel. With a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements, global risk assessment, and international security protocols, Kris's multifaceted skill set, including his extensive law enforcement career as a defensive tactics and officer street survival instructor, along with experience as an instructor at the USC Aviation Security Program, positions him as a standout figure in the field of aviation security.

Two decades ago, Kris founded Aviation Secure, marking the beginning of a transformative era in how the industry approaches the training of crews and personnel. As a steadfast leader, he continues to shape and elevate industry training and standards, emphasizing the importance of security as an intentional action within the aviation industry. Aviation Secure takes pride in its membership with the NBAA as an NBAA PDP approved training provider.

Currently, Kris actively engages in teaching and presenting at various venues throughout the United States and abroad. Since 2011, Kris has been a dedicated member of the NBAA Security Council, contributing his expertise to the ongoing advancement of aviation security standards.

Known for his no-nonsense and common-sense approach, Kris is unwaveringly committed to equipping and empowering flight departments. His emphasis on individual personal security not only enhances the safety of participants but also contributes to the overall safety of operations. Kris's practical approach to aviation security brings a valuable perspective to the industry, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility within the aviation community.



Tomas Ochoa was a United States Marine deployed with expeditionary forces in over 12 different countries across the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

He served as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor and 1st Degree Blackbelt as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. He is the Lead defensive tactics and active shooter instructor for Aviation Secure. Tomas also serves as a logistical Director for a large close protection company in Los Angeles.


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