"Kris and his company are the absolute experts in aviation security training. They make training simple, effective and enjoyable to keep you confident and aware in your surroundings!"

—Christopher Valentine, Director of Flight Operations, Abbvie, Waukegan, IL



"Very professional. Clear and concise.
Excellent job in customizing to fit the Harley-Davidson environment, manual and personnel.”

—Marie Jeanmarie, Chief Pilot, Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"Excellent training that elevated our security situational awareness, while increasing our confidence to handle a variety of hostile scenarios!"

—Brian Hallin, Senior Director, Aviation, Abbott, Waukegan, IL


"Very eye opening and practical training. Extremely professional and knowledgeable in their area of expertise and you can tell they have put a lot of thought and preparation into their training materials. And also just great people to hang out with! Thanks Kris and team!"

—Brad Ongna, Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection Manager, Stryker Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI


“Kris is a passionate and dynamic presenter with an extremely high level of expertise on the subject matter.
He effortlessly blends real world experience with practical application.”

—Director of Aviation, Fortune 500 Flight Department, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania



“It enhanced our relationship with corporate security, boosted our team’s esprit-de-corps, and provided the skill and confidence required to combat today’s ever-changing security threat.

 Fantastic training – thanks Kris!”

—Craig R. Olson, VP of Aviation,
Fortune 500 Flight Department, Seattle, WA



“This has been some of the best training I have received in a 35 year career.”

—Bruce Huffman, Director of Aviation, The Drummond Company, Birmingham, Alabama


“[Aviation Secure’s] training was some of the best personal, professional, travel, and tactical training I have ever received. It opened my eyes to all the ways we are vulnerable as a crew while traveling as well as ways to better protect ourselves on the Homefront. I highly recommend this training to every flight department, travelers, and even stay at home parents.”

—Kelly Rinehart-Leber, Captain, Marmalade Skies, LLC, San Jose, CA



“Everyone has said ‘It’s the best training I’ve ever done!’ Thank you! You guys rock!”

—Nancy Devito, International Captain, Seattle, WA


“You will not find a more comprehensive Aviation Security course. The instructors are motivated, professional and very well-informed.
The course content was tailored to our specific Flight Department needs. These guys are genuinely passionate about the material.
The class brought our department together like no other training has. Highly recommended.”

—Ron Long, Flight department Manager, Tudor Investment Corporation, Oxford, Connecticut


 "As a corporate pilot traveling on an airline, I was accosted by a belligerent passenger. I was able to utilize the Cockpit Breach Survival Training I learned in the class to defend myself and stop a personal attack on not only myself but another passenger. This coursed proved to be an invaluable part of my training.”

—P. Johnson, Airline Pilot, New York


“We were looking to take our security program to the next level and Kris delivered in spades. The ASUSA team expertly assessed our security needs and provided the tools we needed to raise our security awareness/threat response capabilities across the board. Kris and staff brought a unique understanding of the demands associated with corporate air travel, while leveraging their backgrounds in military and law enforcement.
The result was a perfect approach to tackling the security concerns we face in Business Aviation, as well as those we face in our everyday lives. It enhanced our relationship with corporate security, boosted our team’s esprit-de-corps, and provided the skill and confidence required to combat today’s ever-changing security threat.
Fantastic training – thanks Kris!”

—Craig R. Olson, VP of Aviation, Fortune 500 Flight Department, Seattle, WA


“One of the only classes in my career that I have fully retained all formal and hands-on training,
and have applied to my everyday work and home life.”

— Tyler Hayes, Chief of Aircraft Maintenance, Harley Davidson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"In Canada we don’t have access to weapons like some other countries do, but flying all over the world we need to be prepared for anything.
The instructors came prepared for our flight department, and entertained and educated us on everything from cockpit breach survival training to hotel security, international security and a host of other topics. [Aviation Secure] brought up many topics that I had never even considered before.

I think the biggest takeaway was that we all needed to bring up our crew awareness when it comes to security.
This training was second to none - it was well worth the time and effort to bring them to our facility. Great job guys!”

—David Hilsabeck, Chief Pilot, The ATCO Group, Alberta, Canada



“Aviation Secure USA provided outstanding classroom instruction to the Federal and Contract Aviation Managers and Safety Officers during the 2006 U.S. D.O.E. workshop. ASUSA’s instructors are very credible Aviation Security experts. They presented very timely, well-researched material on aviation security management. The presentation was so highly rated by our managers that we invited them back to our 2007 workshop.”

—Dave Lopez, Senior Aviation Policy Officer, United States Department of Energy, Washington D.C.



"Having Aviation Secure USA come to our hangar for safety and security training has been a huge success, not only for our flight crews - who fly international and domestic trips - but for our in-house office staff as well. There is something for everyone to learn and take away.

Training is specifically tailored for our flight operations and everything they discuss and teach is extremely relevant.
The topics they covered and the hands-on training we received is useful, not just on the road, but also in our home lives. It has made me feel more confident knowing I can handle and defend myself in challenging environments.

The instructors’ unassuming and entertaining presentation styles kept everyone attentive and open to receiving their life-saving information.

Everyone has said “It’s the best training I’ve ever done!” Thank you! You guys rock!”

—Nancy Devito, International Captain, White Plains, New York




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