10 Benefits of Aviation Security Training

aviation security Dec 17, 2021
Aviation Security

Aviation security became the forefront of the world's news after 9/11/01. The world changed and so did the approach to aviation security. 

In November of 2001, the TSA was created which forever altered the way people fly. There are measures, policies, and protocols in place to ensure the safety of travelers, crew members, and pilots. 

Since that fateful day in September of 2001, flight security has been evolving and changing as new dangers and situations arise. 

Keep reading and you'll understand the benefits of aviation security training. 

10 Benefits of Aviation Security Training

By completing comprehensive security training courses, you ready yourself and your team for any potential threat or incident when flying. 

Aviation Secure offers aviation security courses that offer a variety of training topics. You can get anything from simple training that provides an overview of aviation safety to more complex and intense training that enables your crew to feel empowered and ready for all situations and threats. 

Whether you need to prepare your team for potential physical altercations on flights or plan your security preventative measures, we can help you with it. 

  1. Management Teams are Ready for Anything

Training your management in aviation security is the first step in having a prepared team. This is also a vital step to ensure success for your company. 

Aviation security training is a must for the leadership team so they understand the competencies they are telling others to follow. 

Aviation Secure offers customized courses for management teams to create teaching aids, implement quality control measures, plan preventative measures, and remain compliant with state and national standards. 

  1. Ready Your Crew for All Situations

A prepared crew is a safe crew. 

With terrorists and danger lurking, it's better to be safe than sorry with your crew. Once the aircraft takes flight, safety is in the flight crew's hands. 

Aviation Secure offers self-defense training for flight crews, as well as how to confidently manage in-flight crises. Teams will feel empowered after completing our training. 

  1. Create a Culture of Safety

When your crew and pilot feel safe, your passengers will feel safe. 

Creating a culture of safety across your operations and flight teams is a must. 

Training everyone in aviation security training will help to create this culture of safety. This will lead to a culture focused on safety, but also a happier and more engaged team. 

  1. Decrease Risk

With everyone trained and aware of potential risks, the decrease in risk is significant. 

Everyone will know exactly what to look for and how to handle any situation they face with the proper flight security training. 

  1. Passengers Feel Safer

This one ties into the culture. You want your passengers to feel safe and comfortable on their flight so they will fly with you again. 

There are many people who are anxious about flying, so eliminating the risks surrounding potential threats is a must to ease their minds and make flights enjoyable for everyone. 

Being transparent with the safety training your crew has completed will help ease their minds about what could happen. 

  1. Understand TSA Security Awareness Protocols

TSA has many protocols in place to identify and mitigate potential threats from the time people arrive at the airport until they arrive at their destination. 

If you understand the security awareness protocols, then you know exactly what extra measures you need in place with your crew to step security prevention up to another level. 

You can review the National Business Aviation Association's risk assessment to understand in detail how to assess risks in various business, aviation-related activities and how to educate your crew to be risk assessors with minimal training. 

  1. Prevention of Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access is incredibly dangerous and could lead to many problems

By training your crew on proper flying security measures, you can eliminate the potential risk and therefore, increase overall safety on aircraft. 

  1. Identify Threats Quickly

We've all read or heard the stories about someone who saw a suspicious person or package and acted quickly, saving many lives and eliminating a disastrous situation

How do you think these people knew to identify a threat so quickly and with such little activity? 

You guessed it. Security training! 

When you train your crew in not only how to handle threats but also how to identify suspicious activity and how to act, your aircraft is a safer place. 

This goes for airports, too. Everyone involved should train in basic safety awareness. 

  1. Limit Terrorist Opportunities

With more people on alert, more prevention's in place, and highly-trained crews, the opportunity for terrorism is greatly reduced. 

The more people know and understand aviation security, the stronger their intuition will be about potential threats, and the more they'll trust themselves. This will greatly reduce risks in flight departments. 

  1. Learn To Protect Your Aircraft

It's important to teach others how the aircraft works to enable them to feel empowered and understand the intricate details of how it operates. 

General security awareness training educates on how locks are put into place and the steps to take to secure airport property. This is the foundation of a strong aviation security training plan.  

Crews will also know what steps to take in the even the aircraft is tampered with. 

Ready Your Crew with Aviation Security Training

You now understand the 10 benefits to conduct aviation security training for your flight department. The National Business Aviation Association has several articles on the importance of advocacy in airports. 

You need to choose the best security training company for your crew.

Aviation Secure offers in-person and virtual training courses for your entire team focused on culture, mindset, awareness, and prevention. Read more about Aviation Secure today. 

Secure Your Flight Department and Personnel Today!


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